The New PsychoCybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy" />

The New PsychoCybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy

I'm going to start posting some blogs on books I'm currently reading. If you've read the book, please comment!

I'm reading The New PsychoCybernetics now, on audio-book (from Audible. I had read this book back when I was a kid (picked it up from a tag sale) and then again when I was in my 20's (recommended by Worldwide Dreambuilders). Both times it seemed very different.

I'm reading it again, on the advice of my business coach, Greg. I thought it would feel like an old repeat, but it doesn't. In fact, it seems like a completely new book! Perhaps this is because much of it has been updated or maybe its because I've changed again.

So far, I'm at chapter 3. The basic concept is that we're built for success. Just like an animal, which has instincts for success, we too have success 'instincts.' However, ours are in the form of the goal-seeking mechanisms in our brains.

Simply put, if we accurately create a strong goal in our brains, we can't help but accomplish it. Unfortunately, many people either don't focus on goals or focus on negative thoughts. In either case, they bring about the failure they dwell upon.

A recent article I read from Self-Realization Fellowship spoke of the same topic, from the perspective of fear. If we allow our minds to focus on something we fear, we will actually increase the odds of that event occurring. Instead, we need to focus on that which we want. When fear comes into our minds, we need to consciously put it aside and return focus to our goals.

As I continue to read this audiobook, I'll add updates here. Until then, I'd like to hear your comments.

Jacquie Flint's Gravatar Hi Ken
PsychoCybernetics apparently uses the same mental tools that I learned years ago from the "Abraham" teachings.

There are several 'processes' which can be used to turn negative thinking, attitudes or beliefs into positive ones. The core of the teachings is that the inner condition is radiated outward, which then returns to us in kind. Another way to consider this is: If you are wondering what your inner state is, look around you. Like attracts like. It's beautifully simple and requires a bit of practice at first, but eventually becomes effortless.

I've had a lot of success through the years with this 'new' paradigm of being but I'm still actively engaged in reversing the deeper conditioning of a lifetime of self-limiting beliefs.

If you are interested in hearing about any of the processes, I'd be happy to post them. They've been compiled in a great book, "Ask And It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

# Posted By Jacquie Flint | 7/8/06 11:41 PM
Ken Reiss's Gravatar Hi Jacquie,

Thank you for writing. Yes, I'd be interested in learning about the process and would be grateful for you to post some details.

I agree how the process can become effortless over time. In my life, there have been many times when I was closer to this efforless/peaceful/harmony state, than others. Perhaps the "Abraham" teachings will help me stay more on-track and focussed.

# Posted By Ken Reiss | 7/9/06 7:57 PM
Ken Reiss's Gravatar So, I bought the books Jacquie recommended:

"Ask And It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent (newest book by Esther and Jerry Hicks on the teachings of Abraham.)

They are truly amazing! But even more amazing was that my business coach, they very next day, recommended an INCREDIBLE video, called The Secret ( which I watched and found amazing. The most incredible thing, though, is that Esther Hicks is IN THE VIDEO! How "coincidental!?" - Although, I haven't beleived in coincidence for years. Things just seem to work out WAY TOO LOGICALLY and PREDICTABLE for chance to have been the cause.

Check out these books and this video.
# Posted By Ken Reiss | 8/30/06 11:02 PM
Ken Reiss's Gravatar Check out the following article:

<a href=" goes on</a>

It's conclusions are really interesting!
# Posted By Ken Reiss | 9/3/06 4:06 PM
Mile  Djuric's Gravatar I would like to know how to find this book Iin German and Serbian language. I would like to send it to my friends in EU.
Thank you in advance
# Posted By Mile Djuric | 11/28/06 2:19 PM
John Rinaldi's Gravatar Ken,
If I may I'd pick at what you said a little bit. I think it is important to realize that Maltz's isn't teaching that we built for success as you say. We're not really built for failure either. We have a servo mechanism in our heads that will deliver anything that we ask for that is consistent with our self image. That can be positive or negative - the servo mechanism doesn't care one little bit. Our task is to build a strong, successful, happy, wealthy self-image (even if it predates reality). Once we do that, we have an incredibly powerful mechanism to use to make the reality happen.
John R
# Posted By John Rinaldi | 1/29/07 9:10 PM
Ken Reiss's Gravatar John R:

You make a great point about the servo mechanism. How right you are! It really doesn't matter if we're thinking/expecting negative or positive - we'll get it either way!

I appreciate your blog comment.
# Posted By Ken Reiss | 1/30/07 12:15 AM
Rodney's Gravatar One problem I noted with the Psycho-Cybernetics book was that Dr. Maltz gave a lot of insights and some techniques to put those insights into practice but it wasn't organized well enough to help create a daily plan. That's why I love the Zero Resistance Living course put out by the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation a few years ago. It really helped me to grow in my use of Psycho-Cybernetics. Has anyone else hear used it?
# Posted By Rodney | 5/6/07 4:26 AM
Farooq's Gravatar Hello, By any chance can I have the soft copy of physcho cybernetics by Dr.Maxwell Maltz. Thanks in advance.
# Posted By Farooq | 6/8/07 5:09 AM
Rodney's Gravatar Farooq,

Just buy the book from

# Posted By Rodney | 6/8/07 11:28 AM
Charlie's Gravatar Hello Ken,

I too read the book as a youngster. I remember using certain parts of it at times over the years but never really applied it. I just finished the book “The Brain That Changes Itself" by Doidge. Now I'm on chapter 9 in PC and it is interesting to see what was anecdotal over 45 years ago is being confirmed in a truly scientific manner. In just reading about how I can change my outlook on life by thinking differently has helped. As I apply the simple principles more, I’ll keep you posted.
In all I think if anyone has enough drive to improve themself, any halfway decent program will help them. I think the key is acually practicing, applying and maintaining.
# Posted By Charlie | 3/14/08 6:12 PM
Rodney's Gravatar Charlie,

I also think that a key to follow through is belief. So one really great way about the more recent brain research is that it gets you to believe that you can change your life. And having that belief makes it so much easier.
# Posted By Rodney | 3/14/08 6:45 PM